Invest in a future - Lend Now

With Community Micro Lending’s peer-to-peer model, we help you invest in a local person working to build a better future. All borrowers featured here have successfully completed our robust loan application process and have been approved by a committee of peers and experts. Learn how it works below.

1. Read Profiles

Read through the profiles of borrowers still looking for loans and select someone you’d like to invest in.

2. Pledge an amount

Click “Lend” and fill out the form. Minimum loan is $250, enter your loan amount.

3. Payment & Paperwork

Staff will contact you to confirm your details, draw up a lender agreement and process your payment.

4. Track your impact

As the borrower repays, receive updates on their progress.

When the loan comes to term, you’re repaid the amount you lent + 2%.