2nd Annual Social Venture Bootcamp IDEA
SVB IDEA is for those who have a business or enterprising idea that aims to both make money and generate positive social, environmental or cultural impact. We refer to these types of enterprises as social enterprises.
Social Venture Bootcamp is a 3-day program to help assess your idea by:
Pitching your idea
· Understanding its value proposition
· Clarifying your customer needs and wants
· Understanding the market
· Determining expenses and revenues, and profits
· Getting feedback from entrepreneurs and expert mentors
· Assessing the impact of your enterprise
The goal at the end of the 3 days is for you to be:
· Be inspired
· Be informed
· Be supported
· Be realistic
· Make a plan to test your idea and move towards launch!

The Program will include guest speakers and one-on-one mentorship by industry professionals and entrepreneurship and impact-focused educators from

Royal Roads University, University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University and Camosun College.
Bring your enterprise idea to change the world, or make your Vancouver Island community a better place! We’ll bring the knowledge, experience, and connections to help you and your team get more quickly to a great idea that can achieve both business and impact goals.
Register now to reserve your ticket. Tickets are $750/enterprise team – up to 2 people.
Registration is very limited, so participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Learn more about Social Venture Bootcamp at www.secatalyst.ca.