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Kimiko is in the process of starting a business facilitating sustainability workshops. Kimiko would like to make living sustainably simple and easy for people, not only through education but also through participation. All workshops will be based around various themes in sustainability and include do-it-yourself projects so as to reinforce the ideas being promoted. The workshops will be based around major themes such as: Food Matters – reducing food waste, eating sustainably for cheap and reducing chemical consumption; Chemical Clean Out – making your own household cleaning products; Energy Efficiency – how to perform an energy audit on your home; Sustainability in the Laundry Room – making your own detergent and learning energy and water saving tips; and; Sustaining the Holidays- learning waste management techniques for the holiday season, making eco gifts and decorations, and ideas for how to give greener gifts. Kimiko is aiming to provide 30 workshops over the course of next year.

Kimiko has been approved for a $1,000 loan to buy equipment and supplies for the workshops.

A former employer of Kimiko’s who hired her as an Environmental Outreach Assistant says Kimiko has a ‘good, solid background in issues of sustainability’. She found Kimiko to be ‘very reliable, dependable and capable’ and adds: ‘She works really well with people. She’s delightful’.

Kimiko’s credit file indicates she has relatively short credit history and has a minimal credit balance.

‘I’m passionate about people coming to my workshop and learning all the simple things they can do in their own home to live more sustainably’.

Loan term: 1 year

Loan star rating: