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Matteus is the owner and operator of Mazo Media. As a sole proprietor, Matteus creates and produces videos for small businesses, non-profit organizations and political candidates to use for advertising on their websites and social media. Matteus has been making videos for over ten years and recently identified a business opportunity putting his passion to work. The ‘About’ section of his website reads: ‘A well produced video creates an emotional response to your service or product, whether it be funny or informative. Welcome to the new age of advertising.’ He has been providing his services on a casual basis for much of the last six months. In the last two months he has begun to focus on growing his business and making it a full-time endeavor.

Matteus is currently using out-dated equipment which means that while his work is acceptable to clients, the quality of the end product is not as high as some of his competitors. To expand his client base, Matteus would like to join the Chamber of Commerce which he sees as an opportunity to meet and network with local small business owners who will benefit from his services. Matteus is applying for a $4,970 loan to purchase new equipment (a camera and computer) and a Chamber of Commerce Membership.

A previous co-worker of Matteus’s at Camosun College Students’ Society says the Society uses video as the ‘primary way of communicating with the student body’ and Matteus made their videos while he was there. His previous co-worker says that ‘In the year he hasn’t been with us, we’ve contracted him to do videos for us. His skill in that area is outstanding’. He found Matteus to be ‘very centered’.

Matteus’s credit file indicates that he has accumulated a relatively high level of debt, most of which consists of student loans. He has neither missed nor made a late payment during the reporting period and has kept his credit in good standing. The size of Matteus’s student loans is comparable to most students who have a similar level of education.

The loan will give Matteus the opportunity to produce a higher quality product and expand his client base. In working with Matteus, we’ve been particularly impressed with the initiative he’s shown and the passion he has for making videos.

Loan term: 3 years

Loan star rating: