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Kathryn moved back to Victoria from the East coast in the spring of 2010. She has a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling as well as a wealth of experience in employment counselling and group facilitation. Her passion, however, is in combining her skills as a counsellor and facilitator with her knowledge of astrology. She has fifteen years of experience in providing private counselling that combines traditional methods with holistic methods such as astrology and nutrition.

Kathryn has started providing intuitive astrological counselling services to individuals, couples and groups in person, by phone and/or by Skype. She began seeing clients at her home on an informal basis in June; in August she decided to develop the astrological counselling into more of a full-time business. At the end of August she began renting studio space and attending various trade shows to market and sell her services. Kathryn has seen her client base grow as a result and would like to continue to grow her business and improve the quality of service she provides. She is applying for a $4,750 loan to purchase the tools and resources (advertising, a debit machine, and software and recording equipment) she needs to achieve that end.

An owner of a gift store who hired Kathryn to do astrological readings at her store says Kathryn was ‘at least 80% booked’ and ‘all her clients were very pleased’. She described Kathryn as ‘very professional and knowledgeable, a go-getter, and a hard worker’.

Kathryn’s credit file indicates that although she has accumulated a high level of debt, she has made an attempt to make her payments. She has neither missed a payment nor made a late payment during the reporting period. The debt was accumulated during a time when Kathryn was unable to work for an extended period. Kathryn has shown a commitment to keeping her credit record in good standing, and with an increased level of income she is looking forward to reducing her level of debt.

The loan will give Kathryn the opportunity to expand her business by improving the quality of service she provides. The business will also significantly increase her level of income and allow her to live a more comfortable life. ‘I know I will succeed with or without the loan’, Kathryn says, ‘but the loan will get me there faster.’

Loan term: 5 years

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