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Gavin owns and operates Peasant Gardener Landscaping. He started the business in May of 2011 with a borrowed truck and a few pieces of basic equipment. Gavin provides a range of services including stone masonry, yard cleanup and removal, lawn maintenance, and landscape design. He now owns a truck and in less than a year of operations, Gavin has managed to secure 13 regular customers for yard clean up, a significant lawn maintenance contract, and is in the process of negotiating three more similar contracts. He has also recently completed a large landscaping masonry project and is confident of securing more such projects in 2012.

Gavin says he ‘grew up gardening’. He also has a passion for stone masonry and has years of experience working with stone. He has managed to secure all his business thus far without doing any formal advertising. Gavin has demonstrated an ability to attract business in a relatively short space of time and appears to have established a good foundation on which to grow his business. He is applying for a loan of $4,970 to buy more equipment, buy a trailer to transport his equipment, and to purchase advertising and insurance.

Gavin’s former employer says Gavin was with them for about 3 years and worked mainly on high end masonry and concrete in the construction process. He says their company has ‘high expectations’ and he found Gavin to be ‘good all round’. Gavin’s current bookkeeper has known him for just over a year and describes Gavin as a ‘go-getter’ and as someone who is ‘going to go out and find the business…he’s not going to wait for it to come to him’.

Gavin’s credit file indicates that he has a relatively small amount of debt that he has accrued while getting his business off the ground. With an increased level of income from his business Gavin should be able to comfortably pay off his existing debt as well as make his monthly payments for the Community Micro Lending loan.

The loan will give Gavin the opportunity to be more productive and expand his client base which will then provide him with a higher income. In working with Gavin, we’ve been particularly impressed with how quickly he has been able to establish and grow his business with relatively few resources.

Loan term: 3 years

Loan star rating: