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Aaron owns and operates Green Earth Organics, an organic grocery delivery franchise that delivers pre-selected and customized bins of organic fruits, vegetables, and grocery items. Aaron started the business in May of this year and since then he has managed to attract a number of clients and steadily grow his number of weekly deliveries. Within 6 months Aaron has started the Green Earth Organics franchise, acquired a rental space for his warehouse, purchased a delivery van, and consistently made an average of 25 deliveries a week.

He has spent almost every weekend since May at markets and other events successfully signing up new customers. Aaron has already demonstrated an ability to attract and retain a number of new clients in a relatively short time and appears to have established a good foundation on which to grow the Green Earth Organics Victoria franchise. Aaron is applying for a $5,000 loan to build up his inventory and to pay for marketing events.

Green Earth Organics was started in Vancouver 14 years ago, and at the beginning of this year the President and founder decided to franchise the business. Aaron was the first person he accepted as a franchise because he was ‘impressed’ by Aaron and found Aaron to be ‘very personable and keen’. He says the summer has traditionally been his slowest time of year and he was impressed Aaron was actually able to grow his business during those months. He adds that he ‘fully expects Aaron to double his sales over the next month’.

Aaron’s credit file indicates that he has a relatively small amount of debt that he has accrued while getting his business off the ground. With an increased level of income from his business Aaron should be able to comfortably pay off his existing debt as well as make his monthly payments for the Community Micro Lending loan.

‘I’ve always been into eating healthy and general health and wellness’, says Aaron. The loan will give Aaron the opportunity to further expand his client base and give more people the option to eat healthy. In working with Aaron, we’ve been particularly impressed with how organized he is and how quickly he has been able to establish his business.

Loan term: 4 years

Loan star rating: