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Anju owns and operates ‘Anju’s Pots and Herbs’, a Galiano Island-based business that creates and sells a selection of succulents in unique arrangements as well as organic herbs. Anju’s Pots and Herbs is located on a property close to the ferry terminal and a provincial park popular with tourists. Anju started the business in May of 2013 and saw it grow over the summer, with a number of visitors to Galiano stopping at her roadside stand as they made their way to and from the ferry. She would like to build on that growth and is applying for a $4,410 loan to build an additional small greenhouse, increase her plant inventory, purchase some tools, and produce some signs for advertising.

A manager of one of Galiano Island’s resorts says “I love Anju’s services. I run a resort…and I watch her pots going out in my guests’ vehicles.” She adds that “it’s nice for my business to have her business next door.” She also observed that Anju is “determined, and aware of all the things that go into being a small business owner on a small island.” A gift shop owner on Galiano who has agreed to be Anju’s mentor says she “loves the whole notion of organic plants and herbs” and adds that there are a number of small farmers doing organic fruits and vegetables, but no one on Galiano doing organic herbs. “There’s a good market for Anju’s products.”

Anju’s credit file indicates that she has had some challenges with her credit in the past but has a relatively small amount of outstanding debt. Anju has also shown a commitment to repairing her credit and paying off her existing debt.

Anju’s enthusiasm for her business is infectious and she is clearly talented and passionate about what she does. This loan will give Anju the opportunity to firmly establish and continue to grow her business.

Loan term: 3 years

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