We currently only lend to borrowers based on southern Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.

Apply for a loan

Our application process is a learning opportunity. Our team is here to help.


Our application process starts with a conversation about what you’re trying to do. Email us at loans@communitymicrolending.ca


If your idea is a fit for our loans, complete the application package and submit it for review. Our team is here to help you through the process.


Respond to any questions or requests for more information from the loan committee.


Move forward with your plan. If we can’t give you a loan, we’ll do our best to connect you to other resources.

Application Documents

The following are links to our checklists and template application forms. They are read-only, to edit a copy download or click “File” – “Make a copy” then rename and edit.

Every loan application starts with a phone call or meeting. If you decide to go ahead with an application, your loan coach will work with you to complete all parts of the application. 

Business Loans

Start-up and Expansion Loan applicants must complete the following:

Start-Up Loans

Applicants for Start-up Loans need to complete everything on the Start-up Loan Application Checklist including:

Expansion Loans

Applicants for Expansion Loans need to complete everything on the Expansion Loan Application Checklist including:

Training Loan

Training Loans applicants must complete everything on the Training Loan Application Checklist, including:

Have questions? Ready to submit?

Email our team at loans@communitymicrolending.ca