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Yvonne Sam Indigenous Knitter

Gorilla Graffix Group

Gerrit’s loan is to start a graphic design and printing shop.

Forest Spirit Creations

Sheena and Phillip’s loan is to complete the conversion of their travel trailer to a mobile store, and the purchase of a truck to tow it.


Linette has started a clinic, a business with two main facets.


Chris moved to Victoria in 2015 and has been working steadily to build up his life. 


Les has worked very hard to launch his security firm. 

Kerry-Anne's K9 Services

Kerry-Anne started Kerry-Anne’s K9 Services in July of this year. 

Chelsey Taporowski Mortgage Broker

Chelsey received a loan so she could focus soley on being a mortgage broker...

Chelsey is a 34-year-old single mother of two who came to Community Micro Lending through the Family Self-Sufficiency Program at the Burnside Gorge Community Centre.  Chelsey is looking to establish herself as a mortgage broker with a local lending centre.  The lending centre hired ago as a broker working under a senior mortgage broker just over two years.  Chelsey began working as an independent broker in May.  In September Chelsey, along with another broker, was offered the opportunity to open a new branch franchise in a Real Estate office that houses over 25 realtors.  As a relatively new broker who is not yet established and is paid wholly on commission, Chelsey’s biggest challenge is inconsistent and unpredictable income.  She thus works part-time as a server at a local pub to guarantee herself a steady stream of income.  Chelsey is applying for a $1,680 loan to pay for six months rent for office space at the new branch franchise.  Working out of the office at the new branch will allow her to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to build a client base and establish herself as a mortgage broker.  She set herself an aggressive sales target.

The owner of the lending centre Chelsey works for describes her as a keener’ who ‘fits the mould’ for what she’s looking for in a mortgage broker.  She adds that Chelsey is ‘no slacker’, is ‘doing all the right things’ as a new broker and ‘definitely belongs in the industry’.

Chelsey’s credit file indicates that she accumulated a substantial level of debt as a student, but has consolidated most of it, and over past two years has made an effort to adequately service and reduce her debt.  All her credit accounts are currently up to date.

The loan will give Chelsey the opportunity to establish herself as a mortgage broker over the next six months.  “This is a great opportunity for me to build a name for myself,” Chelsey has said.  “I’m feeling torn as I wear many ‘hats’ in my life…I feel that my other job is taking away from my newly chosen career path.”  Over the next year, Chelsey hopes to be able to quit her job at the pub and dedicate all her energy to being a mother and a broker. She has already been matched and is working closely with a Community Micro Lending volunteer mentor.


Tina wants to build a better life for herself and her family...

Cool Critters

Gary received a loan for a welding machine...

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