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Occucheck Clinic Inc.

Angeline has started Occucheck Clinic Inc., a business with two main facets.

Angeline has started Occucheck Clinic Inc., a business with two main facets.  The first is one stop occupational health services.  The services offered include qualitative respiratory mask fit testing, TB skin testing, pulmonary function testing, nursing medicals, vaccinations, vision screening and drug and alcohol testing.  The second part of the business is niche recruiting and staffing of healthcare professionals (nurses and dental temp).

Angeline worked as a nurse in an occupational health setting for almost 15 years. Through this work she gained insider perspective and knowledge of how the industry functions.  It is also how she identified a gap in the market and realized that a one stop shop would fill a specific need.

Since starting her business Angeline has been extremely busy and her business is taking off!  She received a Vancity microloan to cover the initial start up costs and now the loan from CML will help her cover cash flow while she gets established.

Due to marital breakdown in 2011 Angeline has a poor credit rating but she has been working to improve it. Her payment records are very good for the periods before and after the divorce.

Angeline is clearly a very driven, passionate and intelligent person with a high level of business acumen and professionalism.  As a single mother she also is driven to be a good model to her daughter. We are confident she is poised for success.

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