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Luv Bites

Kelly received a loan to purchase equipment...

Kelly is the single mother of a 15 year-old daughter.  When she approached us last June, she had been unemployed for almost a year and was struggling to support herself and her daughter.    At the time, Kelly was determined to build a business making and selling healthy dog biscuits.   She finally found a part-time job in March of this year.  For more than a year now, Kelly has spent her spare time testing and perfecting more than half a dozen different recipes.  Her treats will be made from organic flour, only natural ingredients and will be free of processed sugar, preservatives and allergens.  Kelly already has agreements with at least four local outlets to sell her products and intends to approach more.  Throughout the last year, and through some difficult challenges, Kelly has demonstrated a remarkable determination and will to succeed.  Her biggest challenges are capacity and packaging.  She is currently making the biscuits in a small oven in the kitchen of her apartment.  Kelly has been approved for a $3,000 loan to purchase an oven, a freezer, ingredients, packaging and other tools and equipment that will help expand her capacity.

A former colleague of Kelly’s who has know her for 10 years has found Kelly to be ‘focused’, ‘dedicated’, ‘honest’ and some one who has a ‘great work ethic.’  She says Kelly ‘truly believes’ that she can succeed.  Karen’s two dogs have also been ‘tasters’ of Kelly’s various recipe permutations.  The final products are ‘great hits’, says Karen.  The owner of a local pet store opening this summer says Kelly’s “product fits with our vision. We’re excited to have Kelly’s product for our customers who are interested in natural, locally made products.” Of Kelly she says, “I know she’s passionate and excited and wanting to take her business to the next level.”

Kelly’s credit file indicates that she accumulated some debt while she was unemployed and has had difficulty making payments.  With an increased level of income from her job and her business, Kelly committed to reducing her debt.

The loan will give Kelly the opportunity to not only get her business off the ground, but will allow to increase her level of income and live a more comfortable life, all while something she loves.  

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    3 years
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