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Cindy received a loan for materials, tools, and travel costs...

Cindy makes silver and copper jewellery and would like to start selling her products.  Cindy’s goal is to increase the profile and availability of Coast Salish art and crafts.  She has started selling her jewellery to people within her community and would like to start selling to the tourist market as well.  Her long-term goal is sell her products online and open her own shop.  Cindy is applying for a loan of $937 to pay for materials, tools, and travel costs.

Over the last year Cindy has been taking lessons to learn how to make jewellery and buttons using silver and copper.  She is now at a point where her product is refined enough to sell to both the local and tourist market.  Cindy is keen to learn more, and still consults her instructor on a regular basis. 

An administrator at the Esquimalt Band office says he has known Cindy for 3 years and she is an active member of the community and "volunteers for the Band and helps fundraisers on a regular basis.  We think she will do well selling the jewellery."

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    2 years
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