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Deadbeatz Food Truck

Karrie is the owner and operator of Deadbeetz Food Truck and received....

Karrie is the owner and operator of Deadbeetz Food Truck and received a $5,000 loan from CML in May of 2013 to complete the construction of her foodtruck. In the just under 3 years since she received the loan, Karrie has established a reputation for being one of the best food trucks in Victoria. Karrie has two full-time employees and plans to hire another full-time employee and perhaps two part-time employees. In addition Karrie has apprenticed 2 employees and helped them into BC Apprenticeship programs for cooking. The Victoria Street Food App ranks her as #1 on its list of top ten food trucks in town. Having started by going to festivals, fairs and various temporary locations across town, Karrie’s food truck is now at a permanent location in Newcombe Square, behind the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Since moving to the permanent location in May of 2015, Karrie has continued to receive several requests to attend various festivals, fairs and events. As a result, Karrie decided to build another food truck to meet the demand. She has spent $15,000 purchasing and building the second truck. It is close to completion, but Karrie needs a further $9,975 to complete the construction.

Karrie’s credit file indicates a relatively low credit balance with a relatively good payment history.

Karrie tells us she has “also done a bit of part time work with the culinary program at Stelly’s Secondary School, helping out the students who plan to enter the culinary program at Camosun after graduation.” She adds “I guess I am mentioning this because CML made a difference in helping me start and run my own business allowing me to contribute to my community with my skill set”.


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