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True Love Handles

Benjamin first approached us for a loan earlier this year and is in the process of starting a...

Benjamin is in the process of starting a business, True Love Handles, selling luxury sterling silverware. He has done thorough research into the specialty silverware market and has an excellent understanding of how to enter the market and build a successful business. He has designed and created his first product, a unique custom designed spoon. The initial mold has been used to create a prototype. Once he has the design protected, he will focus on selling sets of spoons for the specialty market and then will expand to other products. He currently has a full-time job and works on his passion (this business) on the side. Ben has been approved for $3501.20 to protect his design, refine his design and production process and market his product.

Ben’s current employer is the co-owner of a local store. She describes him as ‘hardworking, reliable and conscientious’ and believe Ben had ability and the right attitude to make his business a success.

Ben’s credit file indicates a relatively low credit balance with a relatively good payment history.

Ben is clearly passionate about his product and we’ve been impressed by how hard he has worked to create it.

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    3 years
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