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Francine immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in the summer of 2012. Before she...

Francine immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in the summer of 2012. Before she moved, Francine had graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and had obtained her nursing license in the Philippines. However, Francine’s qualifications from the Philippines didn’t qualify her to work as a nurse in Canada. She has thus worked as a customer service representative at a local pharmacy since immigrating. Last year she had an assessment done with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia to determine what she would need to practice as a nurse. It was determined that Francine needed to complete 4 courses, a practicum placement, and, write the licensing exams for registered nurses. She has completed the 4 courses. In May, Francine will be heading to the Lower Mainland for a 4 month, before writing the licensing exams at end of the year. Francine has been approved for a training loan of $5,171.91 to pay for living expenses during the practicum and to pay for the exam fee and an exam review course.

Francine’s credit file indicates that she has a relatively short credit history and a minimal outstanding credit balance.

The loan will allow Francine to not only earn more and improve her quality of life, but also work at a job about which she is passionate and for which she is qualified.

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    4 years
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