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Master Force Renovations

Tyler is the sole proprietor of Master Force Renovations, which provides handyman and...

Tyler is the sole proprietor of Master Force Renovations, which provides handyman and renovation services in Victoria. He was also a co-founder of Speedy Gopher, a tech start-up company that operated as a service network of odd jobs in Victoria, connecting clients with people (‘Gophers’) who did odd jobs. Speedy Gopher closed in July of 2014. Tyler is now looking to close Master Force Renovations and create a new venture, ASAP Home Services, which will offer a combination of the services currently provided by Master Force Renovations and those that were provided by Speedy Gopher. This will include anything from odd jobs like furniture assembly, hanging pictures, and drywall repairs to larger renovation projects. Tyler has built a small business in Master Force Renovations, while Speedy Gopher was able to connect over 500 clients with over 50 ‘Gophers’. Tyler will be able draw on his experience with both ventures as well as the network of clients and potential customers he has built. Tyler has been approved for an expansion loan of $8,000 to purchase a work van and trailer as well as build a website a market his business.

 A local realtor who has known Tyler for a number of years refers his clients to Tyler whenever they need work done on their homes. As a realtor, he says need to be confident that his clients will be happy with the work Tyler does. He says "people really like Tyler. What you get is what you see. He's full of energy and is very genuine and very responsible. Tyler is a hard worker".

Tyler's credit file indicates that he has accumulated a significant level of debt, most of which consists of student loans. He has kept his credit in good standing over the last 2 years. The size of Tyler's student loans is comparable to most students who have a similar level of education.

The loan will give Tyler the opportunity to expand his business and combine areas in which he has significant experience. In working with Tyler, we've been particularly impressed with his willingness to learn from his experiences and build something new.

  • loan amount:
  • loan term:
    4 years
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