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Community Micro Lending is a non-profit society that connects local lenders to local borrowers in the Southwest BC region.  

Local borrowers are people who want to turn their idea and passion into a livelihood but can’t get the credit they need from a bank or credit union.

Local lenders are people who want to strengthen the fabric of the local economy by supporting a local small-scale entrepreneur.  

Together, we are transforming lives. 

Interested in borrowing?

Is it for me?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Entrepreneur Loans and Training Loans.


When you're ready, create a profile and fill out an Online Application.

Get funded

Once your application has been approved, watch the community fill your loan by heading to the Lend page.

Get a mentor

After your entrepreneur loan has been fully filled, you will be matched with a Mentor.

Lend Now

  • Sheena and Phillip

    Forest Spirit Creations

    Sheena and Phillip’s loan is to complete the conversion of their travel trailer to a mobile store, and the purchase of a truck to tow it.

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Our Major Funders:
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Our Community Business Partners:
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